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My abstract series is composed of both large and small vividly colored abstracts with deep texture, resin glazes and cast resin additions on wood, canvas and rag board.  The colorful images stand out as bold statements of joy and energy. Collage, drawing, and textural mediums present an engaging dimensional world of symbols. The images explore my dream symbols, visions and my belief in multidimensional realities. They are the essence of play and passion.

My figurative mixed media assemblages  represent the archetypal symbol of the divine feminine. In each face, whether realistic or shadowed and veiled, I explore the connection to nature, the environment and the inner life. The feminine appears as shaman, empress, divine child, bird woman, mystic, muse, mother, maiden and seer. Here I am giving voice to the human form and all it’s energies.

My ideas evolve from my dreams, visions and my life long interest in universal symbols. I explore such themes as breaking free, setting the soul free, rebirthing, memory, equilibrium, and seeing within. I use extensive layering of media such as encaustic, collage, and resins to portray my belief in multiple dimensions. In all of these feminine faces, the eyes hold the most important connection between the viewer and the artwork. I am asking you as the viewer to venture across the portal into the world of the collective unconscious and dwell there for a while basking in the mystery of the feminine__Finding yourself within these images.

My work continues to evolve in its complexity due to my fascination with exploring new media. My desire to express an emotion or idea is always accompanied by the search and exploration of new techniques. I feel this investigation keeps the art fresh and alive and fuels my growth as both an artist and an individual.

The Creative Vision
Janet O'Neal
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